Meet Google’s 13-year-old software developer


Tanmay Bakshi, a 13-year-old Indian kid is inspiring the generation being the world’s youngest programmer on IBM’s Artificial Intelligence platform Watson.

This genius kid started coding at the age of 5, something unbelievable and had built an iOS app when he was just 9.

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He is also an author of a book based on a programming language called swift.

In a recent interview he expressed his thoughts on Artificial Intelligence- “There’s a misconception that Artificial Intelligence is a technology that was made to replace humans and their activities. But really what I believe is Artificial Intelligence was developed and is continuing to be developed for the sole purpose of augmenting our life and amplifying our skills.”

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No doubt why Google hired him with a package of 1.25cr. Impressive isn’t it?

Well that’s not all! He is ruling the internet with a mission to educate 100,000 aspiring coders through his you tube videos, “Tanmay Teaches”.