Meet 9-year old Anvitha Vijay the youngest developer at Apple event


New Delhi : Apple's annual developer's conference, WWDC 2016, is taking place on Monday, and it's one of the biggest events on the tech-calendar each year. Like many others, Anvitha Vijay is there with a number of iOS apps to her credit, whose dream is to go to WWDC and meet Tim Cook. But there's one key difference – she's only nine years old. Vijay had applied for Apple’s scholarship (given to developers) and will be attending the event as a part of  this scholarship which offers free tickets. The scholarship gives hundreds of free tickets, and reportedly this year saw most winners under the age of 18.

“Out of 350 recipients, 120 of the lucky winners are students under the age of 18. Submissions increased by 215 percent more than doubled from organisations focused on science, technology, engineering, and math,” adds the report. Moreover, the number of women who applied for the scholarship have also tripled this year. Vijay learnt to code, watching free coding tutorials on YouTube and the web. “Coding was so challenging. But I’m so glad I stuck with it,” Vijay told the news site.

Her first app, Smartkins Animals app, uses sounds and flash cards to help children learn animal names and sounds. This app was inspired from the idea of teaching her younger sister to speak. After that, she developed another app for children to help them learn colours in a similar way. She is already working on her next app, adds the report.