Measures to take on Sunday


In Indian scriptures, several remedies have been mentioned that the person must perform on Sunday to get peace and happiness at house. If these remedies are done on Sunday, negativity gets away. Today we are telling you some measures that you must do on Sunday. By taking such measures, the poor person will become rich. Check out the measures:

Ranthambore: The Trinetra Chamatkari Mandir

Place camphor on Sunday in every corner of the house and burn it. It will help to reduce the effect of evil forces in the home. This measure plays an important role in reducing stress.

On Sunday, mix salt in water and sprinkle it in the whole house. Negative energy will get reduced in the home.

On Sundays, when you come back home from office in the evening, always bring something along with you to eat. This keeps the house of Mahalaxmi and Annapurna happy.

God is one: The Best example is Bajranji Bhaijaan

These meditations are effective only when there is no deceit, sham in the person’s mind. The person’s mind is clean and holy.