Meal served must carry details of packing, says Railway Minister Piyush Goyal


New Delhi: As the nationwide hauler continues attempts to enhance catering services, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal on Wednesday asked authorities make sure that food served on board trains must carries details related to the quality, quantity and the contractor who is supplying the meal.

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In a letter to the authorities, railway board stated that Minister Piyush Goyal asked that the meal served has the full information like weight, date of packing, quantity, contractor name and the symbol signifying that if it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

As of now, the food packets only indicate that if the food is vegetarian or non-vegetarian. On Tuesday the letter issued stated the rules of execution with the instant effect.

The communication reaches following other letter was propelled to IRCTC and all authorities of Zonal Railways on the orders of Minister, posing them to crackdown on overpricing by catering contractors and staff.Image result for Railway Minister Piyush Goyal

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The letter issued on 5th September also further stated that, the particular emphasis should be put on verifying cleanliness and quantity of meal served to travelers.Related image