Mayur Vihar murder: 25 yr-old Woman arrested for killing Vijaykumar


A 64-year-old Vijaykumar was assassinated three days ago at his residence in Mayur Vihar's Samachar Apartments. The investigation is in process by the Delhi Police.

The incident happened on Wednesday. A 25 yr-old female was arrested by the Delhi Police for allegedly murdering Vijay Kumar on July 20.

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According to the police, “Kumar used to blackmail the 25-year-old after filming her and himself naked.”

When asked by the police, the woman said, “she had approached Kumar two years back seeking a job and on the pretext of helping her, Kumar used to exploit her physically.”

According to the police, the woman killed Kumar as she wanted to take revenge from him.

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“The residents were shown a captured image of the suspect as well as the CCTV footage recovered from a camera installed at the exit gate of the apartment complex,” a police source said.

“The suspect was not noticed while coming inside but was clearly captured while exiting the apartment complex from gate number three, carrying a television which was stolen from victim, Vijaykumar's flat”, he said.

The residents of the apartment complex said ‘Policemen asked them to identify the suspect through her captured image and CCTV footage’.

The matter came to limelight when Kumar did not reacted to the phone calls of his daughter.

When his son reached to his home, he found Kumar's body lying in a pool of blood, in a semi-nude condition under a mattress in the bedroom of the flat, with multiple injuries on his body.