Mayor from West Virginia resigns after racist comment on Michelle Obama post


WASHINGTON: A leader from West Virginia has surrendered in the midst of a chaos over a supremacist Facebook post that portrayed First Lady Michelle Obama as a "chimp in heels," US media said. 

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Beverly Whaling, the chairman of the small town of Clay, had seemed to praise the ignitable remark and ventured down on Tuesday in the midst of the resulting firestorm. 

Neighborhood TV news channel WSAZ affirmed that Whaling had surrendered. 

As indicated by WSAZ, Clay County Development Corp. chief Pamela Ramsey Taylor had posted after Donald Trump's race: "It will invigorate to have a tasteful, wonderful, noble First Lady in the White House. I'm worn out on observing an Ape in heels." 

Whaling reacted: "Simply filled my heart with joy Pam." 

The remarks were later erased and both ladies' Facebook pages were in the end taken disconnected, The Washington Post reported refering to nearby media. 

Staff members at the Clay County Development Corp. told WSAZ that Taylor had been expelled from her position. 

Barack Obama's eight years in office have been damaged by racial slurs against the country's first African American president and his family. 

Earth has a populace of under 500, as indicated by the 2010 evaluation, and is the seat of Clay County in West Virginia. 

The stir over the bigot remark, and the leader's apparently pleasant reaction, provoked an online appeal to drive to have the two ladies expelled. 

The content on accumulated almost 160,000 marks from the nation over. 

Whaling had apologized in an announcement Monday to The Washington Post, composing: "My remark was not planned to be supremacist by any means." 

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Michelle Obama rose as a colossally prevalent surrogate for Democratic presidential chosen one Hillary Clinton on the battle field. 

Trump, a very rich person specialist, won West Virginia's five discretionary votes, helping him to his sudden triumph over Clinton.

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