Mayor forced to resign in ‘ape’ insult against Michelle Obama


A mayor in a town at the West Virginia state in US has been forced to resign for agreeing to a Facebook post by a woman who called Michelle Obama an "ape"

 The woman who made the post has also been fired from her position as director of a non-profit orgnaisation.
But the insult has forced a Mayor in a town from the state of West Virginia to resign and a director of a non-governmental organization to be fired from her job following public pressure.

It all started when Clay County Development Corp- a local non-profit group- director Pamela Ramsey Taylor referred to the First Lady as an “ape”.

The “dignified First Lady” she was referring to is Melania Trump, wife to the US President-elect Donald Trump while the “Ape in heels” was a slur directed at Michelle.

Beverly Whaling, the mayor of the tiny town of Clay immediately commented on the post saying, “Just made my day Pam”.

This brought on a shock with the post gathering offers from the residential community to the whole US. 

The shock prompted to an online request of calling for both ladies to be sacked with around 160,000 marks having been gathered 

Pamela was terminated from her position even as both ladies apologized and their posts deleted.At a similar time, the Mayor was compelled to leave even in the wake of apologizing for the post saying she didn't mean it to be supremacist. 

The Trump triumph has pointedly partitioned Americans with a segment of them rampaging to exhibit against the Republican hopeful's triumph.