Mayank Gandhi to Tied Knot with Hunar Hali on August 28


New Delhi : Finally, Mayank Gandhi is all set to marry Hunar Hali. It is said that Hunar met Mayank through their family, and the adorable couple will be tying the knot soon. Mayank and Hunar had a Roka earlier this year, and will soon get married to each other after much delay. 

While beaming with joy, Hunar said, “My aim in life has always been modest ; I wanted to transform an arrange marriage into a love match. Mayank and I were ‘arranged’ indeed. Love followed us later. Someone said; “A good relationship starts with a good communication”. The first time we spoke ; I was three hours behind the time I confirmed that I shall call . He answered the phone and said; “Hunar! Your call time was 2:00pm”(laughs). We gelled so well that somewhere we knew that this is 'It'! We have accepted each other's past and present and are now looking forward to nurturing a great future. We argue and fight, but by the end of the day we are alright. We know each other's flaws and weaknesses and still find each other absolutely amazing."