Mauvin Godinho: I would resign from the party to join BJP


PANAJI: Former Goa Minister and Congress official Mauvin Godinho on Tuesday said he would leave from the gathering to join BJP in front of the up and coming Assembly decision.

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“I have decided to resign from Congress and join the BJP on whose ticket I would be fighting the forthcoming Goa Legislative Assembly election,” Mr Godinho told reporters.

The official, who speaks to Dabolim body electorate, asserted he was “totally disillusioned” with Congress and hosted communicated his sentiments to the gathering high summon in Delhi and even educated them about joining the BJP.

“I have met Congress president (Sonia Gandhi) in Delhi. I got fully disappointed with the Congress. After briefing the central Congress leaders about the hardships faced by me, I also informed them that I will be quitting the party,” Mr Godinho said.

As indicated by the official, he has chosen to join BJP and on a few events, he has said that he would challenge 2017 gathering decisions on a BJP ticket.

Alluding to the political chargesheet discharged by Congress against BJP, Mr Godinho said, “Congress is envisioning that BJP will be wiped out which is not going to happen”.

“I was reading the charge-sheet which was prepared by the Congress. I really laughed at it because all the points mentioned by the Congress are sins of omission committed by their leaders during the Congress regime,” Mr Godinho added.

In the chargesheet, discharged yesterday, there are 25 focuses against the BJP.

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