Mathura clashes: UP released photo clips, children recall “bade pitaji”


Mathura : The violence took place on Thursday in Mathura. Around 23 children left permanently scarred with horrific memories of gunshots, screams and corpses.  

The incident was very horrific. As the bullets flew, some of the children hid behind the trees while some ran around aimlessly in the dark to save themselves.

Later, the local administration traced the children as they moved without family after the mayhem and shifted to the government children’s home in Firozabad.

“Many of the children alleged that they don’t even knew whether their parents are in jail or even dead or alive”, said Vishwa Mohan Kulshreshtha, Chairman of child welfare committee.

In Jawahar Bagh, children of age group 12-16  who were living inside the Bagh with their parents even raised slogans of “Neta Zindabad” when the violence happened, officials said.

A children from Hardoi district stated “his father came to Jawahar Bagh for the job and land. His mother also came to the park but they were not allowed to return when they wished.”