Massive Hurricane Hits Europe, 9 Dead

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BERLIN:  At Least nine people lost their lives on Thursday as vicious storm hit northern Europe, disrupting air and train services.

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The rail services were disrupted yesterday by Germany officials as storm force winds hit the country.

The hurricane takes the lives of six individuals in Germany, involving two firefighters engaged in emergency services and two drivers whose truck was slackened by the storm.

Other driver lost their lives when his vehicle collided with truck.

The giant storm enforced the repeal of a ski world tournament qualifier at Oberstdorf in Bavarian Alps.

It is the nastiest hurricane to hit Germany since 2007, as per German weather service.

Travelers wedged at rail stations were given a coupon for a restaurant room, German rail service Deutsche Bahn representative Achim Strauss affirmed.

The hurricane was noted to be of highest code red level. Several flights were cancelled at the Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport due to the storm.

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People witnessed traffic jams on Thursday because of the huge winds. Nearly four people were wounded in Antwerp.


Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures