Mary Kom to get ‘Legends Award’ from AIBA


NEW DELHI: Indian boxer MC Mary Kom will get the 'Legends Award' from the International Boxing Association (AIBA) on its 70th aniversary on December 20. 

An Olympic bronze-medallist and a five-time title holder, Mary Kom is additionally Rajya Sabha MP now. 

"I might want to thank the AIBA President and authorities for this prestigious honor. This acknowledgment from AIBA will support youthful boxers in our nation to buckle down. It is an extremely enthusiastic and also a propelling day for me," Mary Kom said responding to the respect. 

"Indeed, even after such a variety of years, if individuals recall that you and your accomplishments it demonstrates their liberality and love towards me. Much obliged to you by and by for this honor, it's a memory I would esteem for my lifetime," she included. 

AIBA is praising its 70th Anniversary on December 20 amid which it will display the honor to Mary Kom. 

Mary Kom is likewise a various time Asian champion and was named an AIBA mark minister amid the World Championships prior this year.