Maple macrons with marbeled maple filling recipe


Maple syrup can be labelled a mere pancake ‘drizzer’ but it’s a far more versatile drop. These macarons are a combination of maple flavours you will love.


1/2 cup (110g) caster sugar

4 egg whites

12/3 cups (200g) pure icing sugar

2 cups (200g) almond meal

1 tsp vanilla bean paste

Maple Swirl (optional)

1/2 cup (125ml) maple syrup

2 tbs glucose syrup

Maple butter cream filling

250g unsalted butter, softened

1/2 cup (125ml) maple syrup

1/3 cup (40g) pure icing sugar

100g white chocolate, melted, cooled

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Preheat oven to 160°C (fan-forced). Place caster sugar and 3 eggwhites in a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment and whisk on high speed for 8 minutes or until stiff peaks.

Whiz icing sugar and almond meal in a food processor for 3 minutes to ensure mixture is very fine. Sift through a fine sieve into a bowl. Make a well in the centre and fold through vanilla paste, remaining eggwhite and one-third meringue to loosen, then fold through the remaining meringue. Transfer to a piping bag fitted with a 1.2cm round nozzle.

Pipe 40 x 3cm rounds onto two baking paper-lined baking trays, leaving a 3cm gap between each. Set aside for 5 minutes, then bake, swapping trays halfway, for 12-15 minutes until dry to touch. Cool completely.

If using maple swirl, place maple syrup in a pan over medium heat and cook, without stirring, for 5 minutes or until deep golden.

Pour into a heatproof bowl and set aside until cool. Add glucose and stir to combine. For the filling, place butter in a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment.

Beat on high for 3 minutes or until pale, then add maple and icing sugar, and beat to combine (mixture may split at this stage, adding chocolate will bring mixture back together). With the motor running, add the chocolate and beat to combine.

Fill a piping bag fitted with a 1.2cm round nozzle with maple swirl, if using, and maple buttercream. Pipe onto half the macarons to cover, then sandwich with remaining macarons.

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