This Man’s love story will warm your heart!


A Mumbai based man who mislaid his wife found her after 36 years of wedding. He posted the heat warming post on the Humans Of Bombay Facebook page about their storythat has received great response from the audience.

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Man recognized as Darayas Malegam wrote on post that how both of them met and got separated couple of years later. He even shared about his companion’s fight with cancer.

“My goal had shifted to giving her the happiest, best 3 months of her life. I spent every moment with her -I cleaned, fed and bathed her. I had become so good at her care, that sometimes I performed tasks that even the doctors weren’t equipped to perform,” he wrote.

Man’s easy justification of love will take your heart away. It will give knowledge to several people who are in love.

Till now, the post has got 19,000 reactions and over 1,600 shares.

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“This just made me cry. Celebrate life, especially for the loved ones that we’ve lost – they wouldn’t want it any other way. God bless you, sir,” Facebook user wrote.