Manipur women alleges racism at Delhi Airport


NEW DELHI: On Saturday night a woman Monika Khangembam from Manipur has supposed that she was subjected to bigoted comments at the immigration check at IGI Airport. Monika Khangembam, who was title to Seoul, afterward took to the communal media to relate her encounter with the officer who supposedly questioned her nationality. Monika asserts that the migration officer glance at her passport and remarks that you don't appear like an Indian. She, though, did not cabin a grievance with either the airport authority or the police. A superior police officer conveyed that, "they came to be acquainted with the matter from some airport executive. The female did not file any complaint and continued to board her flight. Monika conveyed that, I acquire that all the time, so don't respond much to it, but then he goes on, 'Pakka Indian ho?' with a grin. I still don't react. What actually got me was when he conveyed that, you yourself need to know your Nationality. How many states are there in India? The lady at the next counter is giggling.

Monika go on: "I tell him I am really running late. He goes, 'nahi nahi, bolo bolo"… And then he continues, 'kaha se ho'. I conveyed that, Manipur and he is like, 'so tell me how many states Manipur shares borders with. Name them'." Chinglen Khumukcham, convenor, NEFIS conveys that, the North-East Forum for International Solidarity fated the incident. "Such discriminations are very deep-rooted. We need to find a solution.