Manipur Assembly Elections 2017: how to check the results


The leave surveys for the recently concluded assembly elections in five states – Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa, Punjab and Manipur – are out. Exit polls on Manipur suggest a marginal lead for the ruling Congress government in the state. Neither the Congress nor the BJP is probably going to get outright majority in the state’s 60-member assembly, as per exit polls.

The Congress has been in power in the state for three straight terms. The survey of exit polls predicts 26 seats for the Congress and 24 for the BJP in the 60-member assembly. A party needs 31 nseats to form the government.

The India-TV-C Voter poll gives the BJP 25 to 31 seats, while predicting 17 to 23 seats for the ruling Congress.

The India Today-Axis survey predicts 30 to 36 seats for the Congress. The BJP, it says, will get between 16 and 22 seats.

Chief Minister Ibobi Singh has been worried about the BJP presence in the state. The BJP, which had failed to win a single seat five years back in the 60-member Manipur assembly, has turned out to be a major concern toward the Congress, that has seen many of its leaders shifting loyalties to the BJP. A large number of the leaders who joined the party belong to the Kuki tribe – traditionally a Congress support base – who control the hill areas. Additionally, Ibobi Singh’s decision to bifurcate seven regions has just alienated the Nagas.

Exit polls, obviously, often get it wrong and the real outcomes will only be known on Saturday, March 11, when votes are counted in Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Goa and Manipur are known.

Q. How to watch the Manipur assembly election results?

Ans.The election results will streamed live on from 7 am, where you can watch detailed analysis by election master Prannoy Roy and live reporting from the states.

Q. How to track the outcomes on the web?

Ans. The one-prevent look for results from every voting demographic, the destiny of individual applicants and what’s happening in the newsroom is here.