Manila won’t raise ocean column with China at ASEAN meeting


MANILA: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte says he won't raise the long-stewing oceanic debate with China at a meeting of Southeast Asian countries in Laos one month from now, wanting to talk unobtrusively with Chinese authorities. 

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Duterte said Wednesday night that he will just raise the issue in eye to eye dialogs with Chinese authorities since making commotion may very well estrange China.In July, a Hague-based mediation tribunal governed vigorously in the Philippines' support for a situation testing China's cases and forceful activities in the South China Sea. China disregarded the choice and kept on blocking Filipino anglers from a debated shore and grow recently assembled islands. 

The intervention case was recorded by Duterte's antecedent. Duterte has been tepid in his backing for the activity, leaning toward "a gentler methodology'' to determining  the question.

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