Mangal Gauri Pujan importance


Shravan is a month committed to the love of Lord Shiva

Shravan is a month committed to the love of Lord Shiva and his partner goddess Parvati. The greater part of the Hindus watch an assortment of ceremonies and offer their petitions to the Almighty. One of the blessed events of this current month is the Mangal Gauri Vrata. It is watched each Tuesday of the time of Shravan. In the first place Tuesday of Hindu Shravan month falls on eleventh July 2017.

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Recently wedded ladies adore goddess Parvati and look for gifts

Recently wedded ladies adore goddess Parvati and look for gifts from devi Shakti for a glad and prosperous existence of her relatives and to accomplish a delighted wedded life. According to custom, this vrata is finished by Hindu ladies for the initial 5 years of their wedded life. This vrata is additionally done by unmarried young ladies keeping in mind the end goal to be honored with the best accomplice forever.

A couple of different advantages picked up by watching Mangal Gauri Vrata are

• It empowers to shield one from the surge of maladies.

• It defeats all obstacles and antagonism.

• It welcomes all-round success in the family.

• It empowers to reduce the malefic impact of Mars or Mangal.

• Reduces mangalik dosha or Bhaum Dosha.

• It accomplishes peace and lasting joy in life.

This year the blessed event of Mangal Gauri vrata falls on first August.

Mangal Gauri-a type of Parvati

Mangal Gauri is a celestial type of goddess Parvati or devi Shakti. She is the encapsulation of flawlessness who has all the ladylike qualities that make her a perfect spouse. She is the epitome of shakti and speaks to a joyfully wedded lady who imparts an awesome connection to her significant other, Lord Shiva. Mangal Gauri is accepted to be the power who offers one with conjugal euphoria. Ladies, thus, go to Her to be honored with a reasonable life accomplice and to achieve a lifetime of married happiness.

Customs for the day

Ladies wake up at an opportune time the favorable day and play out the self-cleansing ceremonies. They spruce up in conventional clothing and adornments and afterward begin the pooja customs for the day. In the start of the pooja, the icon of Mata Mangal Gauri is put on a little wooden stage which has been secured by a red material. A light made of entire wheat flour comprising of 16 wicks is loaded with ghee and lit before the god. At that point the lover begins the pooja by presenting the accompanying mantra: “Kumkumaguruliptanga

Sarva Abharan Bhushitaam

Neelkanthapriyang Gauring

Vandehang Mangalaahavayaam”

Shodashopacahar pooja customs

Once the recitation is finished, Mata Mangal Gauri is revered by following 16 pooja customs (shodashopachar). After the pooja, Mata is offered 16 wreaths, 16 laddoos, 16 organic products, 5 sorts of dry natural products 16 times, 7 sorts of vegetables 16 times, cumin seeds 16 times, coriander seeds 16 times, 16 betel leaves, 16 betel-nuts, 16 cloves, 16 cardamoms and a gem coffin comprising of 16 sorts of makeup and decorations (solah shringaar). After the offerings are done, the lovers read or tune in to the vrata katha that is the old story behind the vrata.

Legend behind Mangal Gauri (Vrata Katha)

In old circumstances, a rich dealer named Dharmapal lived in a residential area. He had a lovely and honorable spouse with whom he carried on with a cheerful life. In spite of the fact that the couple delighted in a pleasurable life, yet they felt their satisfaction is fragmented as they had no youngsters. In the wake of appealing to God for a considerable length of time, finally the couple was honored with a child. Dharmapal’s bliss knew no limits when he held the infant in his arms. In any case, the kid was doomed and was bound to bite the dust at 16 years old on account of snake nibble.

Young lady had watched Mangal Gauri Vrata

In any case, fate took a positive turn when he got hitched to a young lady before 16 years. By chance, the mother of the young lady had watched Mangal Gauri Vrata because of which she was honored that her little girl would appreciate an upbeat matrimonial life and that she will never confront widowhood. Thus, Dharmapal’s child was free from the fatal revile and delighted in a long and glad wedded existence with his better half. Subsequently, it is trusted that by watching Mangal Gauri Vrata, a lady is honored with a long and glad conjugal life.

Significance of Guru mantra

Aarti and offerings to the senior citizens

After the holy story or vrata katha is finished, the fan gives 16 laddoos to her relative and sister-in-law. She additionally puts whatever is left of the things on a wooden plate and gives them to a Brahmin. At that point, she performs aarti with the 16 wick light before Mata Mangal Gauri as a feature of the customs. The following day that is on Wednesday the symbol of Mata Mangal Gauri is inundated in a lake or lake. In the wake of watching this vrata for 5 sequential years, it is finished up by playing out the udyapan service on the last Tuesday of Shravan month.