Man Who Still Doesn’t know the results of U.S. presidential election wants To Keep It That Way


BRUNSWICK:  A man from Georgia still doesn’t know the results of the US presidential election said his accidental art project began with a simple party invitation.

Joe Chandler, a Brunswick craftsman, said he found the presidential race between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump to be stressful to the point that he declined a welcome to a race night party.

“I was invited to an election party to remain up into the night with everyone biting their nails, holding tight and I thought, goodness there must be a superior way,” Chandler told the media.

Chandler went to bed not thinking about Trump’s inevitable triumph and when he woke up feeling quiet the following day, he chose to make the inclination last.

“Having subtracted myself from this political fracas and the majority of the anarchy of the advanced media, I sort of found the focal point of the violent wind, it is extremely serene in my rise of numbness,” Chandler said.

He said it wasn’t excessively troublesome for him, making it impossible to abstain from having the outcomes ruined in light of the fact that he telecommutes and has stayed away from TV, radio, daily papers and web-based social networking.

Chandler said he wears earphones when he goes out alongside a sign understanding, “I don’t know who won and would prefer not to. Kindly don’t let me know.”

“Individuals have been exceptionally deferential of my choice,” he told the media.

Chandler said he knows he can’t evade the outcomes always, however he hasn’t yet made sense of how he needs the news to be broken.

“I don’t generally have a correct leave arrange,” he said.

He said one thought would include utilizing a case of inflatables like a sex uncover party – the case would contain red inflatables for a Republican triumph, and blue for a Democratic win.

“I am practically prepared for some person to put me out of my hopelessness, however when they do, I have an inclination I may venture once again into a universe of much more wretchedness,” Chandler said.