Man arrested for WhatsApp messages on beef in Jharkhand


A man who was arrested in Jharkhand over WhatsApp messages on beef that the police said were inflammatory died in custody on Sunday. Minhaz Ansari's family in Jamtara area claims that he was beaten up and tortured by the police.

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When Minhaz, 22, was appeared to the media a week ago after his arrest, he was drooped against a wall, his face covered, seeming limp. His condition raised suspicion that he was not able walk or even stand.

After four days, he was dead.

The police have ordered an inquiry yet assert Minhaz died of encephalitis. They concede, however, to "slips" by cop Harish Pathak, who was charge of the arrest and addressing. Mr Pathak has been suspended and accused of murder.

Minhaz was confined alongside a couple others on October 2. He was captured a day later while the others were permitted to go. The police assert the WhatsApp message on meat could bother collective peace so near Dussehra and Muharram. Minhaz was the head of the WhatsApp gather.

Two days after the capture, his family learnt that he had been moved to a healing facility in Dhanbad, around 80 km away.

The family, alongside villagers, went to the police headquarters. Harish Pathak, who supposedly got into a battle with Minhaz's dad, has been blamed in a protestation for endeavored kill and badgering a lady.

"After Ansari's demise, the endeavor to murder accusation has been changed to a murder allegation," said a cop. Inquired as to why, given that they assert Minhaz kicked the bucket of a medicinal condition, the officer said "it gives the idea that the officer-in-control did not keep an eye on this."

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