Man Wades Dangerously Close To 14-feet great white shark, Gets Stung by stingrays in process


Dale Pearson got the shock of his life when he watched out of his home in Mexico on May 27 and saw a huge shark in the shallow waters of the Sea of Cortez. The 14-feet-long great white shark was apparently stranded only 3-feet far from the shore, close enough for Dale to paddle in, in order to get a clearer look. As he wades in dangerously shut, the shark can be seen thrashing around in the water and flashing its teeth for a brief, terrifying moment. Watch the video below:

Disclaimer: Disturbing visuals. Viewer’s discretion advised..

As per Dale, the shark wasn’t stranded in water however feeding on the stingrays circling around. In the original video, posted by Dale himself on his YouTube page, he demonstrates how the stingrays managed to sting him as he waded in.

Numerous on social media have posted horrified comments, both for the shark and for Dale for going in so close it.