Man tries to assault minor, captured


Jaipur: Police captured a 26-year-old man for abducting and endeavoring to assault a 6-year-old young lady close Karni Vihar region of the city on Saturday night. At 8.30 pm, Karni Vihar police got a call from the police control room that a minor young lady, who was most recently seen playing outside her home in Mitra Vihar settlement, has disappeared. “When we got the data, we began a hunt operation to find the young lady in light of the record of the onlookers,” a police official said. A pursuit operation was dispatched in the territory, and the range was blockaded to keep a tight vigil on the vehicles going through the zone. The police additionally began scrutinizing the occupants of the territory. “The occupants of the region had as of now been searching for the young lady and suspected that she may have been hijacked by an adolescent who lives alongside the kid’s home. A few people were living in this house on rent, so we began striking each room,” According Rohitash Devendra, Karni Vihar Police station house officer.

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Police alongside the inhabitants thumped at the entryway of one of the rooms in the building, yet the occupant did not open the room. In this way, they broke the entryway and were astounded to discover the youngster lying on the bed, and the denounced was attempting to stifle the young lady to death. “The blamed, Durga Bairwa, had expelled the kid’s garments. After he saw the police, he terrified and attempted to strangulate the tyke. He was additionally intensely smashed and had expended a few medications because of which he was talking incongruously,” police said.

As per the police, the blamed is from a town close Kekri and had been acting as a worker in Jaipur. “Bairwa’s better half had gone out as of late as he used to whip her consistently. He is a dipsomaniac and a medication someone who is addicted and has been unemployed for recent months,” the police said. SHO Rohitash Devendra said that the general population of the zone had effectively recognized the denounced and furnished the police with a vital tip-off because of which the blamed was captured.

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