Man survives surgery separating 40 blades from his stomach!


In what may send shudders down your body, a man from Punjab's Amritsar city has been found with an uncommon propensity for expending blades.

Surjeet Singh, a policeman by calling, told ANI that he had gulped no less than 28 blades in the most recent two months.

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In addition astonishing is the truth of the matter is that he is still alive after 40 blades were taken out from his stomach in a compelling operation.

Dr Jitendra Malhotra, MD of Corporate Hospital enlightened ANI that a patient of concerning 40-45 years old went to them whining about stomach-throb and weight reduction.

"We had no data about his analysis. When we began with the analysis and the lab examinations, we came to realize that it is not a standard case. Later on we did his ultrasound where we discovered that there is some strong article inside his stomach having the state of a disease," he said.

"When we directed a biopsy, we discovered that there were some pointed, sharp blade like items inside his stomach. The patient let us know that he experienced a wild inclination to expend blades," he included.

Dr Malhotra further said that they constituted a group of five specialists and effectively did the surgery which continued for around five hours.

"To guarantee that there are no blades left, we did a metallic sweep. What is bewildering is the truth of the matter is that the patient was eating the blades for most recent two months," he said.

Singh, nonetheless, said that he is feeling fine and solid after the operation.

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