Man survives after eats 40 KNIVES


The blades made from iron were removed from the man’s stomach by surgeons after he complained of stomach pain.

A man who admitted to eating more than 40 knives has SURVIVED against all the odds.

He was taken to hospital where a team of surgeons removed the blades from his stomach after he complained of pains.

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The man who works as a police officer ate the cutlery made from iron over two months after developing a taste for metal.

He simply said: “I felt like eating knives and I ate them.

Dr Jatinder Malhotra, managing director of the Corporate Hospital in Amritsar said it was ‘not a usual case’ and the patient was stable after the operation.

An x-ray was used to identify what was in the man’s stomach but they were still shocked to remove more than 40 pieces of iron. It is not known why the man developed a taste for metallic objects but could be characterized as a Pica disorder.

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