Man Jumps Out Of Moving Car Seconds Before It Catches Fire, Video Viral


CCTV footage have caught the minute a man hopped out of his moving car, seconds before it went up on fire. The frightening occurrence occurred on Monday evening in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, in China. In the video, a unidentified man can be seen hopping out of his car. As per the video depiction, he saw that the vehicle’s motor had burst into flames. The car at that point moves into a close-by parking and, minutes after the fact, goes up on fire, causing a gigantic fire. Gratefully, the man appears to be unharmed as he hops up instantly in the wake of taking off of his car and is seen running out and about.

Seven vehicles were harmed in the fire, however no one was harmed. The fire was brought under control following a 30-minute operation by firefighters.

Watch the recording here: