Man held for raping minor


JAIPUR: A 40-year-old man allegedly kidnapped and raped a 4-year-old girl at Hathrohi area in the city on Saturday evening. A day after the case the family lodged an FIR at the Vidhyak Puri police station on Sunday. Hours after the incident, the police managed to arrest the accused who was residing in the same neighbourhood.

As per the police, Shubham Berman was familiar with the young lady since he was living in a similar territory where the young lady’s family was living. He took the young lady to a secluded zone and assaulted her. A few hours after it, the family found the young lady crying and understood that she was assaulted.

“After a few examinations inside the family, the assault survivor’s family moved toward us on Sunday morning. From there on, it was found that the young lady was most recently seen by the general population in the area alongside the charged Shubhan. Along these lines, we kept him and cross examined him about the crime,” said a senior cop.

At first, the blamed endeavored to misinform the police furthermore soaked the greater part of the questions. “At long last, after a stern cross examination and some key hints brought us to nail him down. He admitted his crime and was arrested,” the officer included.

Since the young lady’s family is dalit, the police have additionally included SC/ST Atrocities Act for the situation and an agent director rank officer was exploring the case. “We have additionally enrolled a case under suitable areas of Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act. We will document an early charge-sheet for the situation. The young lady’s medicinal examination is to be directed on Monday,” the officer included.

Solicited on the health condition from the young lady, the officer, said, “according to the specialists, with the exception of some stomach torment, she has no outside or inward damage. Along these lines she needn’t bother with any significant therapeutic intercession,” the officer included.