Man Held For Allegedly Raping 8-Year-Old, In Delhi


For professedly raping an eight-year-old girl In front of  his teenage daughter, A man has been captured from the Kamla Market range in central Delhi , the police said today.

The episode was accounted for to the police yesterday. The charged was a widower, who lived in the sufferer’s neighborhood with his two girls, the police said.

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On July 7, the charged had gone to a park in the region with one of his daughters, where he saw the sufferer playing, they included.

He tricked the girl on the affection of giving her desserts, took her and his daughter to a isolated place and sexually attacked the girl in front of the teenager, the police said.

The blamed had cautioned the victim for critical outcomes on the off chance that she informed anybody about the occurrence.

The girl portrayed her experience to her mom yesterday and the police were informed. A case was enrolled and the denounced has been captured, the police said.

The sufferer and the teenage daughter of the blamed were being guided, they included.