Man Arrested for Allegedly stabbing her Sister


A 37-year-old man purportedly stabbed his sister to death taking after a spat in Old Navy Nagar in south Mumbai on Tuesday, police said.

Fire broke out in the blood blank at the Safdarjung Hospital

Shyam P Salla, the blamed, fled from the spot after the demonstration. He was arrested late at night, police said.

Rajashree Mehotra, was married however staying with her sibling Shyam and their mom because of a strained relationship with her better half, a senior police official said.

Shyam regularly fought with her as she was not staying with her better half and in-laws. The two had a warmed trade on the issue this evening and Shyam supposedly wounded Ms Rajashree with a kitchen blade.

Their mom was likewise harmed in the fight.

The kin's dad, who died a couple of years back, worked in the Navy.

Taking after his passing, their mom landed a position in the defence force and therefore they stayed in an official quarters.

Sleeve Parade police are examining the case.

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