Make your own cute Earrings at home with 9 easy ideas


A single piece of jewelry or ornament can transform the entire look and make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Earrings are one such piece of jewelry that is worn extensively by people of all cultures and backgrounds.

You could match the earrings up or make them contrast and stand out or you could even go completely subtle with smaller studs. You can do it all with just a pair of earrings. But sometimes purchasing earrings from a store can be quite expensive for something you would use on a day to day basis.

So, we are here to the rescue where we give you 9some new ideas to try and make your own cute earrings that you would love to wear out to your next party.

1. Bobby Pin Earrings

This is the simplest and edgiest one of them all, just grab your bobby pins and put them on a metal hoop and attach it to the earring hoops. They look great when color co-ordinate well.

2. The Leather Triangle

Cut up little leather triangles and you could paint them to your desired color and overlap them and fix an earring hoop on one end. This style looks funky and is quite easy to do with old leather scraps.

3. The Fringe Earrings

This one could be done with most materials that do not fray. Place the fringes on one plane and clip them onto a metal trim and an earring hoop. You could keep the fringes longer to turn them into shoulder dusters.

4. Tassel Earrings

Tassels are cute and quite happening and readily available everywhere. You could also gather the strings together and knot it up at the center to create a tassel. Then all you need to do is knot it up to your earring hoop.

5. Recycle Bottle Earrings

Use strips of plastic and sketch your favorite pattern onto them. Bring both ends together and hoop them up to create a cute and eco-friendly earring.

6. Feather Earrings

Grab some glam looking feathers and paste them to chains to create some trendy new earrings that can be edgy during the day and glamorous at night.

7. Lace Earrings

Cut up the favorite pattern from your old lace fabric and paint it up with glue to solidify them. Then put on some hooks or stud backs and try them on at your next girl’s day out.

8. Shell Earrings

To give you that perfect beach vibe, you could use seashells from the shore and paint them up and place the stud backend to use them as cute earrings. Source: pretty designs

9. Button Earrings

All of us have old scrap fabric at home that we do not end up using or throwing away. Now, you could make cute-as-a-button studs using old buttons and stud backend.