Make These Promises With Your Lover on Promise Day 2018

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Valentine week has started and today is the fifth day of this week. This day is popular as ‘Promise Day’. On this day, couples promise of being loyal to each other, lovers swear to be there for each other for whole life. Love is all about responsibilities and commitments. The thread which strings the two couples together is “Promise”.  Valentine day week is based on PROMISE. The couples promise each other to fulfill all their wishes and desires till whole life.

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This week is specially made for those who are in love. You can express your love by giving different gifts like teddy, chocolates, and roses to your partner on each day.

On this day, promise your lover that you will disturb him/her every time, share your every happiness and bad situations. You can also promise your partner that you will never hesitate in hugging in front of public. Make a promise on Promise Day that with your aging, love will not grow old but it will become more passionate and young.

Promise your partner that whatever they will make for you, you will eat without complaining and you will always give compliment to your lover.

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All these promises will make your relationship stronger.


Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the lend of Sun, Send and adventures