Make your nails beautiful by following these tips!


Every woman wants to look beautiful and charming in this modern world. Due to the busy lifestyle, some women couldn’t able to pay attention to the nails because of work load. This led to break down of nails. So today I am telling you some measures that can help you in making your nails healthy and beautiful.

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If your nails get broken, then you should focus on your diet. Start taking healthy diet as it will help to increase the shine of nails. Prefer to apply lemon peels on the nails or mix lemon juice with lukewarm water and dip the nails in it. Always keep in mind that never tear off the nails from the blade, give a nice shape to the nails from the nail cutter.

Also, make sure that you should use remover and nail cutter of good quality otherwise the chances of nail damage gets increased. After cutting the nails, apply olive oil or some cream to the nails. Your nails will look very attractive.

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If you are applying nail polish then first make a base coat on your nails. It will protect your nails and strengthen it too.