Make Lord Lakshmi happy by these magical tricks


In Hinduism, the peacock is connected with goddess Lakshmi of wealth. If the entrance of the house is against the Vaastu rules, then place three peacock feathers at the door. Those people whose horoscope involve Rahu-Ketu Kalasarp Yoga must make use of 7 peacock feathers in their pillow covers at Monday night. By doing so, the good planets in the horoscope will provide auspicious effect to the person and the Rahu-Ketu effect will get decreased.

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In many flats, kitchens are not according to Vaastu. In this case, place two peacock in the kitchens. Place the peacock feathers away from the cooking gas. Tie the Molly in the ends of peacock feather and sprinkle ganga water on it. After this, chant Annapurna Namah: Jagraya Mantra. By doing so, the Vastu effect will get changed. Placing a peacock feather in the south-east raises the fortune of house.

Image result for PEACOCK FEATHERSIf the door of the house is not suitable as per Vastu, put three peacock feathers on the door and chant Dwarpalaaya Namah: Sthapay Swaha Mantra. Make sure that you put a small statue of Ganapati under the peacock feathers.

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Keep in mind that Krishna’s photo should be setup on the wall facing the face of the woman. You can put Radha-Krishna’s picture in the bedroom.