Maharashtra minister Vishnu Sawra faced the anger of woman whose son died due to malnutrition


THANE: Maharashtra clergyman Vishnu Sawra on Thurday confronted the annoyance of a tribal lady whose two-year-old child kicked the bucket a month ago evidently because of extreme lack of healthy sustenance in Palghar region, the video of which has turned into a web sensation on online networking. 

The Tribal Development Minister went to meet the distressed relatives, living in a covered house at Khoch town in Mokhada taluka, and solace them. Be that as it may, the lady, overcome by sadness, vented her outrage at Mr Sawra, who is likewise Guardian Minister of Palghar. 

"Where were you when my child kicked the bucket. You are coming following 15 days. We would prefer not to meet you," the lady was heard telling Mr Sawra in the video.Other villagers additionally communicated their annoyance at the organization's "disappointment" to address the issue of lack of healthy sustenance in the tribal-overwhelmed taluka, which is not exceptionally a long way from Mumbai. 

Asking the clergyman what had he accomplished for malnourished kids, the villagers asserted that they didn't get any assistance from the legislature and needed to "ask" for cash to treat the tyke, who was taken to a wellbeing camp in Jawhar taluka not long ago and after that sent home. 

Be that as it may, later the baby's condition declined and he was raced to Nashik Civil Hospital a month ago where he kicked the bucket purportedly because of serious lack of healthy sustenance. Mr Sawra told the villagers the administration is finding a way to handle the issue of lack of healthy sustenance. In any case, the villagers guaranteed that more than 600 youngsters had passed on in the region because of ailing health since January last. 

In the video, the clergyman and the villagers are seen having warmed contention and Mr Sawra left after his endeavors to placate the villagers fizzled. Representative C Vidyasagar Rao held a meeting on Wednesday with Mr Sawant, Mr Sawra and Pankaja Munde, the Women and Child Development Minister, and gave them course to find a way to keep passing from lack of healthy sustenance. After the meeting Mr Sawra chose to visit Mokhada. 

On Tuesday, Health Minister Deepak Sawant had gone by Mokhada taluka and met the two families who had lost their youngsters because of ailing health.