Maharashtra Government to give Rs 75 lakh cash reward to Lalita Babar


Indian Long distance runner Lalita Babar will be given 75 lakh rupees as cash prize by Maharashtra Government  as she finished 10th at the Rio Olympics.  Rio Olympics was organized by Maharashtra Badminton Association.

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The cash prize was announced by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. He even added that five atheletes from Maharashtra who participated in the Rio Olympics will be given 5s 50 lakh each as a cash prize.

CM has already given Rs 75 lakh to Silver medallist PV Sindhu and Rs 25 lakh to her coach P Gopichand.

“The Government of Maharashtra is happy to announce on Tuesday we have given a cash award of Rs 75 lakh to Sindhu and Rs 25 lakh to her coach (Gopichand).” He said.

“We would also like to announce a cash reward of Rs 50 lakh to Sakshi Malik and Rs 25 lakh to her coach. Lalita Babar, the girl who made Maharashtra proud, will get a cash reward of Rs 75 lakh, while her coach will get Rs 25 lakh,” Fadnavis said.

 “For the sportpersons who represented India in the (Rio) Olympics and were from Maharashtra, we would like to give a cash award of Rs 50 lakh each to them”, he said.

“The names of the sportpersons are Ayonika Paul, Prarthana Thombare, Dattu Bhonkanal, Devraj Walmiki and Kavita Raut,” the Chief Minister said.

Fadnavis said, “We need to make young generations understand the importance of being on playgrounds and of sports and need to spread more awareness.”

“It is time to introspect. We discuss more, but very little has been done in last 60 years. We need to bring back sports on our priority list,” he added.

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