Maharashtra government pulls back ‘no head protector no petrol’ strategy


The Maharashtra government on Friday pulled back its decison of 'no cap no petrol' approach. Presently, protective cap is not obligatory to take petro

The Maharashtra government on Friday pulled back its decison of 'no protective cap no petrol' strategy. Presently, head protector is not compulsory to take petrol.

 In spite of the fact that, Maharastra Govt requested that pump administrators note down the quantity of bikes without head protector, and offer the points of interest with RTO. Pushing every known limit on the individuals who don't comply with the standard to wear head protectors while riding bikes, the Maharashtra government a month ago reported that bike riders won't get petrol at pumps if the rider and pillion are observed to be sans caps.

The administration's choice, be that as it may, did not found any backing from the Petrol Dealers' Association, metro activists and even political gatherings.

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State Transport Minister Diwakar Raote prior told the state assembly that the legislature has taken the choice to guarantee street security and counteract expanding number of mishaps.

"On the off chance that the bike riders approach petrol pumps without wearing head protectors, they won't get fuel. The choice is vital for wellbeing of bike riders," he said. Raote said the choice has been taken in perspective of the Supreme Court's strict orders to execute the Motor Vehicle Act.

 "A month ago, the Telangana government too had taken such a choice," he included. In the interim, the overseeing council of Poona Petrol Dealers Association emphatically contradicted the move, expressing that it would make bother to workers and petroleum merchants execute the standard. "Today it is no protective cap, no petrol. Tomorrow it can be no PUC, no permit or no petrol for beverage and drive. This is all unreasonable," the affiliation said.

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