Maharashtra fire stations are lacking: CAG report


 As against a necessity of 1,231 flame stations in the state, Maharashtra has just 154 flame stations in urban zones, a deficiency of 73%, the CAG report has said. The projection on the quantity of flame stations required was finished by RMSI – a worldwide IT organization selected by the Central government. 

Ladies gau rakshaks who take the correct way

The CAG's review investigation of alleviation arrangements of 8 chose metropolitan companies amid 2014-15 uncovered a deficit of 60%. 

The CAG report found that notwithstanding the Mumbai city organization where one flame station was accessible per 13.51 square kilometers, in the staying seven city partnerships examined, one flame station was just accessible per 36.57 square kilometers. The standard is 10 square kilometers for urban territories. 

Likewise, no flame station was accessible in seven city committees in provincial territories against the standard of one flame station for each 50 square kilometers.

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