Mahad tragedy: Wreckage of second bus found


Mumbai: Nine days after the Mahad tragedy, search teams involved in the recovery of wreckages on river Savitri found a part of the second bus about 400 metres away from the place where the bridge had collapsed. The wreckage was found at a depth of 5 metres.

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The bus had fallen and was washed away in the Savitri river after the bridge collapsed. Talking about the location of the second bus wreckage , Defence spokesperson, Rahul Sinha, said, "Continuing to the Day 10 of the search at Savitri the naval divers, we located one more wreckage assessed to be part of the second Bus.

Post recovery of first bus on 11 August 2016 search was continued down the stream. The wreckage is 400 meters from the bridges in an area where strong current are observed. The wreckage is completely submerged in around five meters depth.

"It is assessed that the wreckage is recoverable. NDRF teams are being informed and crane for recovery of the wreckage is being requested," the statement said,

The wreckages of one of the two buses which were washed away in the Savitri river near Mahad after a British-era bridge collapsed on August 2 was pulled out of the water on Friday evening. Wreckage of Rajapur-Borivali MSRTC bus was retrieved.

"After working 12-14 hours a day for the last 8 days, the Naval teams located wreckage of the two buses submerged in water at Mahad," a Defence spokesperson said. The earlier wreckages were found approximately 170 and 200 meters from the collapsed bridge.

After the Navy divers located the buses, braving strong currents and crocodiles in the river, NDRF teams were summoned to retrieve them.

The Indian Navy team comprising personnel specialising in diving was searching for the wreckage and survivors since the morning of August 4. So far, 26 bodies have been recovered after two State Transport buses and some other vehicles fell in the river following the bridge collapse on Mumbai-Goa Highway near Mahad in Raigad district, about 170 kms from here, on August 2.

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