Madras HC prohibits hoardings and flex boards showcasing existing persons


The Madras High Court has demanded a prohibition on hoardings, flex boards and banners showing existing individuals in Tamil Nadu. This suggests that political parties and followers of the prominent people cannot use publicity resources with descriptions of living individuals in public areas.

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Justice S. Vaidyanathan sent the plea at the time of relinquishing a case lodged by B. Thirulochana Kumari, a native of Arumbakkam, looking for a way to the Corporation Commissioner and the Commissioner of Police to eliminate a political party’s name flex.

Following giving essential respite to the requester and achieving a responsibility in support of the cops and the civic body that no other native of the Madras turn out to face such trouble, S. Vadiyanathan prolonged the extent of the court order plea and given a lot of instructions to the Chief Secretary.

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“So as to keep a dirt free impression in the whole State of Tamil Nadu and to evade pointless sketches on surface of building, Madras High court tells the Chief Secretary to make sure that a clean impression is uphold in that view in the area of the town panchayat/panchayat union/municipality/corporation etc.” S. Vadiyananthan stated.