Madhya Pradesh: School kids ‘dupe’ shopkeeper, use photocopy of Rs 2000 note to buy milk, chocolates


Shajapur: In a rather surprising case of fraud involving the new Rs 2,000 currency note, four school children allegedly duped a confectionery store owner with a photocopied note of Rs 2000 denomination in Shajapur area of Madhya Pradesh.

You'd think this was one of the first occasions for fake or photocopied Rs 2000 notes being circulated, you'd be wrong. There have been several instances when people have been taking advantage of the hysteria and demand for new notes and passing off photocopies as real notes.

The kids were apparently on way to school with the bags when they stopped at the shop of one Gopalkrishna Yadav to make purchases at around 6am, Shajapur Kotwali police station in-charge Rajendra Verma said.

They bought milk and confectioneries worth Rs 200 and walked away with the change of Rs 1800 returned by Yadav. The shop owner, who gladly accepted the new Rs 2000 currency note, became suspicious in the afternoon and shared the details with his son. Both went to a bank branch, where the officials claimed it was a coloured photocopy of the original currency note. Yadav lodged a complaint with the Kotwali police.

Inspector Verma said the victim could not identify the perpetrators, but claimed that there were four children with school bags on their shoulders. "We have taken up the matter for investigation. No case was registered as legally, one requires at least 5 fake currency notes to proceed with a case of counterfeiting," Verma added.