Madhya Pradesh: Health Worker, Assistant Allegedly hacked To Death


SHIVPURI: Two ladies – an anganwadi laborer (essential wellbeing specialist) and her associate – were professedly hacked to death by a man at Airawani town in Madhya Pradesh yesterday, police said.The casualties – Bhagwati Lodhi (40) and her right hand Deva Pal (35) – were en route to the anganwadi focus from Bheempur Purva town for disseminating late morning feast to kids, when the occurrence occurred.

The charged, distinguished as Sahab Singh Thakur, assaulted them with a hatchet when they were strolling close by a lake, Pichore sub-divisional officer of police SKS Tomar said.

"The charged was covering up in the shrubberies and when the ladies landed there, he initially struck Bhagwati on her head with a hatchet, in which she was slaughtered on the spot. When her colleague weeped for help, he hit her too, taking after which she additionally succumbed to her wounds," the authority said. The charged had a question with Ms Bhagwati over the issue of installment as he asserted that he landed her into anganwadi position.

He had been requesting half of her pay each month, which she took after for at some point. Be that as it may, she later quit offering cash to him, Mr Tomar said on the premise of an announcement given by Ms Bhagwati's significant other Jashrath.

An instance of homicide has been enlisted against Thakur, who is slipping off and facilitate examination is on, he said.