Madhya Pradesh: Four young boys drowned while immersing an idol of Lord Ganesha


RATLAM, MADHYA PRADESH: Four young fellows, including two siblings, on Thursday drowned while immersing an idol of Lord Ganesha at a lake in Salana territory in Ratlam. Holding a civic official responsible for the mishap, irate relatives of the victims thrashed him, after which he was taken to a healing center here. 

“The occurrence of suffocating occurred around 6 pm, when the casualties were drenching their Ganesha icon at the lake arranged on the detour street, around 20 km from here,” District Collector B Chandrashekhar said. Two siblings – Kamlesh, 22, and Vishal, 20, – and two other young fellows, Ankit, 21, and Kunal, 22, met with watery graves. Their bodies were promptly recouped and sent to a healing center, he included. 

Jiwanrai Mathur, who had been given the extra charge of Chief Municipal Officer (CMO), achieved the doctor’s facility where the relative of the perished whipped him asserting that he had not made appropriate courses of action for drenching at the lake, an onlooker said. “Mathur, who managed real wounds to his legs, was hurried to a healing facility in Ratlam,” a policeman said. 

An abnormal state request was requested into the occurrence, the Collector said including that a money related help of Rs. four lakh will be given to the relatives of every casualty. A request has been issued to expel Mathur from the extra charge of Salana CMO, Chandrashekhar said.