Madhya Pradesh: Man beheads two sons after he suspects wife for loyalty


A man from Basata village in Madhya Pradesh’s Chhatarpur district was arrested by the local police for beheading his two minor sons, and additionally trying to kill his wife and another son.

Assistant sub-inspector of Bamitha police station in Chhatarpur district Gyan Singh told the media that at around 10 pm, Kalicharan Kushwaha, a marginal farmer, entered the bed room with an axe, and attacked his wife and their three children.

“He (Kalicharan) suspected that his wife had an illicit relationship with his brother-in-law, and wanted to kill his wife and children,” Singh said, adding that he attacked when the wife and children were in deep sleep.

Two children – Bhole (4) and Lokendra (8) passed on the spot, while Malti, the spouse and eldest child Karan (10) supported profound cut wounds on the neck and shoulder, police authorities said.

On listening to mother and kids yelling for help, neighbors and other relatives scrambled to offer assistance. The spouse some way or another figured out how to open the entryway and the local peole overwhelmed Kalicharan, and took him to custody. He was later given over to police.

The harmed spouse and child were hurried to the local hospital in Chhatarpur. Prima facia examination has uncovered that Kalicharan was suspicious of his better half conduct, and was suspicious of her unlawful association with his brother by marriage.

Kalicharan needed to murder the children since he assumed that all the three youngsters were from the illegal relationship.