Madhu P.S., Maana Patel emerge as the best swimmers


Madhu P.S. also, Maana Patel crushed National records in style to rise as the best swimmers in the men’s and ladies’ segments separately on the finishing up day of the Glenmark National aquatics title at the V.B.B. Stadium here on Wednesday. In the 50m backstroke warms in the morning session, Maana enlisted 29.89 to enhance her old record of 30.25 set a year ago in Rajkot.

This was additionally the best Indian planning as Maana bettered her own particular time of 30.03 recorded in the lesser National title in Pune in 2015. The 17-year-old Gujarat swimmer did a 30.03 in the last at night session to take the 50m backstroke crown. Maana’s appearing on the last day helped her hold her ‘best swimmer’ title for the fourth back to back year.

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Administrations swimmer Madhu, who had broken the 100m backstroke record on the opening day of the meet, made another new record in 50m backstroke. He timed 26.73 to surpass his own particular record and the best Indian planning of 27.02 made in 2014.

The 25-year-old gave a vivacious push to keep up a slight edge over his opponents before touching the divider in the most distinctly battled race of the title in which the main six swimmers enrolled sub-28 times. Arvind Mani packed away the silver with 27.30, while Vedant Seth and Rohit Imoliya timed an indistinguishable 27.33 to claim bronze awards.

Aditi Dhumatkar upset Olympian Shiwani Kataria to take the ladies’ 100m free-form title. Karnataka held its general group title with 246 focuses. Railroads beat the general awards. It secured 23 awards, including 16 gold, trailed by Maharashtra, which likewise picked an indistinguishable number of decorations including eight gold decorations.

The outcomes: Swimming: 100m free-form: Men: 1. Aaron D’Souza (RSPB) 51.65, 2. Anshul Kothari (Guj) 51.94, 3. Sahil Chopra (Pun) 52.56. Ladies: 1. Aditi Dhumatkar (Mah) 59.14, 2. Shiwani Kataria (Har) 59.50, 3. Rayna Seldanha (Mah) 59.91; 800m: 1. Shruthi Mahalingam (TN) 9:40.63, 2. H.M. Preksha (Kar) 9:42.12, 3. Monique Gandhi (Mah) 9:44.14.

50m backstroke: Men: 1. Madhu P.S. (SSCB) 26.73 (NR, past 27.02, Madhu P.S., SSCB, 2014), 2. Arvind Mani (Kar) 27.30, 3. Vedant Seth (Har) and Rohit Imoliya (SSCB) 27.33; Women: 1. Maana Patel (Guj) 30.03 (29.89 NR in warms, past 30.25, Maana Patel, Gujarat, 2015) 2. Jyotsna Pansare (Mah) 30.91, 3. Avantika Chavan (Mah) 31.63.

100m breaststroke: Men: 1. Sandeep Sejwal (RSPB) 1:02.12, 2. S.P. Likith (Kar) 1:04.15, 3. Jashandeep Singh (Pun) 1:04.64; Women: 1. Chahat Arora (Chd) 1:16.39, 2. Saloni Dalal (Kar) 1:16.54, 3. Harshitha Jayaram (Kar) 1:17.61.

Best Swimmer: Men: P.S. Madhu (SSCB) 19 focuses; Women: Maana Patel (Gujarat) 25 focuses.

Group title: Swimming: Men: RSPB 175 focuses; Women: Maharashtra 148 points;Overall: Karnataka 246 focuses.

Jumping: Men: SSCB 33 focuses; Women: RSPB 27 focuses.

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