Madaari film review


Director: Nishikant Kamat 

Music Director : Vishal Bharadwaj 

Cinematography: Avinash Arun 

Cast: Irrfan Khan, Jimmy Shergill, Tushar Dalvi, Vishesh Bansal, Nitish Pandey


Nishikant Kamat directed movie “Madaari” has released today! The day has come for all the movie lovers and starcast fans. The two different movies have been out today “Kabali” and “Madaari”.

Plotline and Storyline

On-screen character Irrfan Khan is famous for his thought provoking motion pictures. Indeed, even this time, he chooses a script line which emphasizes on issues like corruption, evil. The acting of Irrfan Khan steals the movie show.

The trailer of the movie completely portrayed the storyline of the film. The story line goes this way; Irrfan is a normal middle class man who has a cheerful family, and he works hard to make his ends meet. All of a sudden a devasting episode happens, where he loses his child. Irrfan's child disappears and Irrfan, being a normal citizen national of India, gets out for help.

After that, he approaches police and even the Home Minister, and everyone turn a blind eye to him. So this common man now decides to kidnap Home Minister son to show him what he lost. So how did he succeed in abducting Home Minister’s son? Did Irrfan get his son at last? That forms the rest of the story.

The first half of this grim film is dominated by how an Indian civilian, “an ideal voter” as described by Kumar, brings a group of powerful politicians to their knees.

It’s clear that Kumar is an amateur criminal, therefore, it’s easy to see why he forges a bond with the young boy, Rohan, played wonderfully by Vishesh Bansal. Their camaraderie isn’t an overnight development and it’s good to see the two play off each other’s energies. The dialogue where the young boy fears being sexually abused is smartly played out.

What is disappointing is the unhurried pace of the narrative. As a suspense thriller, Madaari doesn’t afford any startling twists. The mystery isn’t nail-biting, but Khan manages to keep you intrigued.

Director Kamath doesn’t utilise heavy-duty action sequences or bombastic dialogues to drive the story forward. He lets the characters play out their emotions.

While the second half meanders, the conclusion isn’t a let down. The face-off between a criminal and the corrupt politicians packs a punch.Madaari would have benefited hugely from a 10-minute trim (the songs underlining the father-son bond were excessive).

But in all, Madaari was engaging and touched upon some deep subjects such as corruption, the power of social media and public opinion, with alacrity.


If you are looking for an entertainer this weekend, we recommend you to opt for Kabali, whereas if you want thriller nail-biting experience, Madari is the one for you.

Firstly, Madaari is based on true events. Sutupa Sikdar story really made the audience and also the critics thinking. As a result, positive reviews are rushing for Madaari. Moreover, there’s this thing, public talk and audience response which is also driving the audience to the theaters.

Madari is one gloomy script. It starts off slowly and picks up the pace before the interval and then it just kicks on till the climax. Cheesy lines by Irrfan keeps the script going.

Secondly, Vishal Bhardwaj and Sunny Inder-Bawra gave the best music for the film, especially the background music made the scenes much more intriguing.

Thirdly, let’s talk about the star performances. Irrfan Khan as Nirmal Kumar and Jimmy Shergill as Nachiket Verma stand out among all the roles. Irrfan kidnaps Home Minister’s son, and Jimmy Shergill does all his best to track Irrfan down. The intensity in these scenes is too damn high.

On a lighter note, Madari is a low budget film and has come out in less number of theaters. It’s not a conventional film like Sultan. Don’t expect an item song or big fights in the movie. Madaari is for all those intellectuals out there who could think and react to how a country is going. So do watch it and make sure you share your thoughts with us.