LX SUV to be launched soon


Company Toyota is going to come up with its new Lexus brand in India. The brand is all set to make its debut in 2017.

Toyota has a sub brand with name ‘Lexus’ which basically sells the premium luxury vehicles only. The brand was established to compete with the luxury brands including BMW, Audi and Mercedes, which holds a premium status in the market. 

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To make an effect higher up, Toyota has taken chosen to take the brand extension route.

Lexus car entry was put on halt due to the step up in the customs duty to 100% on fully imported vehicles. But now, the brand will take advantage of the benefits enjoyed by hybrid vehicles in our markets these days. 

The FAME plan for one, offers a Rs. 1.38 lakh exception on vehicles more than 4-meters long. The half and half will likewise be exempted from the odd-even manage which was presented in Delhi, and might spread crosswise over different states as well. 

While its early on portfolio is still a riddle, we guess that the brand may get the LX arrangement of SUVs to start with, because of the obvious development that division has seen throughout the years. 

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Likewise late import reports saw the LX450d being acquired for affirmation, which is typically trailed by a dispatch. The ES 300h crossover could likewise be acquired as a passage level alternative.