Lunar Eclipse Tonight… Know Certain Things Related To Lunar Eclipse


Today and tomorrow, i.e. on 16-17 of this month lunar eclipse will take effect starting from 10 pm to 27 minutes and 22 seconds tonight, and will be in effect until 12 pm to 25 minutes and 48 seconds on Saturday night i.e. 17:09:16. Since the eclipse will end after 12 pm and by that time the date will change therefore the eclipse will take in two dates and will count 16-17 both.

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According to the longitude-latitude of the Indian capital New Delhi, Bhadrapad, Full Moon, Saturday Date 17:09:16 lunar eclipse is falling in the Pisces constellation. Its duration will be 03 hours and 56 minutes 52 seconds. Eyes will not be able to see the starting of eclipse. Umbral shadow of the eclipse in India and is therefore not valid, ie, it will not have any religious existence. The lunar eclipse will partially appear in Europe, South America, the Atlantic and Antarctica.

Certain things attached to Lunar eclipse :-

In terms of Astronomy at the time of lunar eclipse, the earth while rotating around its axis comes up between the moon and the Sun. In such case the moon gets full or half covered, this is called lunar eclipse.

The eclipse is the astronomical situation where the Sun, Earth and the Moon are in a straight line, Eclipse can only occur on the full moon night.

Eclipse can be seen without any special glasses, with naked eyes as it does not damage the eyes.

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