Lucknow: Dengue Deaths Touch 100


The loss of life from dengue has crossed the 100 imprint here and still the vector borne malady hints at no yielding in Uttar Pradesh. 

In the previous two days, more than 150 patients have tried positive for dengue and thehumid climate keeps on adding to the spread of the malady. 

Wellbeing Department authorities while declining to concede the high toll, said the circumstance was "not kidding and troubling". 

The quantity of dengue patients here touched 1,356, including a substantial number of youngsters and matured individuals. 

After an exacting pestilence in a territory – Faizullaganj – more than 200 individuals are down with dengue here, countless have moved to more secure spots. 

Rubbish dumps and water-logged streets, they said, were adding to the reproducing ofmosquitoes, jeopardizing their lives further. 

While hazing and sprinkling of hostile to hatchling pesticides is being done at a few places, these means are evidently insufficient. 

The wellbeing wing of the civil corporationis likewise short staffed with only 85-odd workers to handle the threat. 

The Lucknow Nagar Nigam (LNN) has proclaimed 15 neighborhood wards as touchy zones for dengue spread. 

These incorporate Faizaullaganj, Jankipuram, Chitraguptanagar, Sarojininagar, Shardanagar, Kashmiri Mohalla, New Haiderganj, Ismailganj and Kanhaiyya Madhopur, an authority educated Media . 

Offices for platelets and beds at doctor's facilities are likewise not sufficient, relatives of patients whined. 

Boss Minister Akhilesh Yadav and boss secretary Rahul Bhatnagar are observing the circumstance by and by, yet Lucknow and different areas of the state are still a long way from safe.