lower court pronounced Musharraf a broadcasted wrongdoer


ISLAMABAD: A lower court on Saturday pronounced previous president Pervez Musharraf a broadcasted wrongdoer and requested to seize his property over a fatal strike on Islamabad's radical Lal Masjid (Red Mosque). 

Lower court judge Pervaiz Qadir Memon passed the request for a situation over the demise of priest Abdul Rashid Ghazi, one of more than 100 individuals executed when armed force troops raged the mosque in 2007. Wazir Ahmad, Musharraf's underwriter, showed up in the court while Jan Muhammad stayed missing inferable from his infirmity. "The court… today passed a request that his property be seized," an attorney for the Red Mosque, Tariq Asad, said. 

"Our best course of action will be to put weight on the Interior Ministry to bring Musharraf back home so he can confront all bodies of evidence against him," he included. 

In January Musharraf was vindicated over the 2006 slaughtering of Nawab Akbar Bugti. Be that as it may, four bodies of evidence against Musharraf remain — one blaming him for injustice for forcing crisis guideline, and in addition those affirming the unlawful rejection of judges, the death of PPP pioneer Benazir Bhutto and the attack on the Red Mosque.

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