Lovers committed Suicide in Sikar


Jaipur: A couple committed suicide by hanging from a tree in Jhilmil village of Sikar district due to facing oppositions to their relationship, on Monday morning.

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Panic prevailed in the town when individuals saw the bodies dangling from the tree.

As reported by police, deceased Budhram Balai (23) and Manohari Nayak (17) were dating each other for quite a while. Their relatives had warned them to stay away from each other.

“It has been also found that the families were planning to separate the couple by sending them out of the village to different cities,” said a police officer.

The police said the young lady was last seen at her home at 1 am on Monday and in the morning, her family was staggered to see her swinging from a tree alongside the man she was enamored.

Asked if there was any honour killing angle to it, the officer said, “By all appearances, it has all the earmarks of being a reasonable instance of suicide. However, we will sit tight for the posthumous report of the perished to know whether there was any unfairness.”

Gopiram Bajia, station house officer of Nechwa police headquarters, said, “It was educated that the young lady went to meet the man amid small hours and later both hanged themselves. Still, we would attempt to test different edges.”

The police advance expressed that they would likewise test the ‘abetment of suicide’ point into the case.

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