Love-Hate Relationship With Your Curly Hair


Curly young ladies, we know your consistent battle, and we're there for you at the times you lose your fight to your hair. From awakening looking like Jimmy Hendrix and appealing to God for dampness to die in some horrible, nightmarish way, we feel for your torment. To share the affection loathe you have running with your (dazzling on great days, bunched up regular) hair, here are a couple of minutes you will relate to unreasonably well as a curled young lady.

1. When all your savings get poured into conditioner bottles.

2. When you just remove your hair tie and your hair acts like a newly freed genie.

3. When you're constantly leaving a trail of 64729479 strands of hair behind.

Your career as a criminal is doomed to begin with, as you'll always leave DNA for evidence behind.

4. When humidity strikes and you don't know what it's like to have human hair anymore.

5. When you try to comb your hair.

6. That horrible moment in history when you tried bangs.

7. When you're trying to make a pony tail but your hair just can't.

8. When you need two business days for hair maintenance.

Lather – rinse – condition – wait 12 hours to dry – wait another 12 hours for it to look like human hair.

9. When you fall asleep with wet hair.

And you're Hagrid the next morning.

10. And when your two go-to hairstyles are good hair day and bad hair day.